Q: Where should I leave my items?
A: Items should be placed in an accessible area outside the main residence (garage, driveway, porch, yard, curb, or a common area hallway if you live in an apartment building)

Q: What kind of parking do you require?
A: Street legal parking is required for us to retrieve your donations as we may be onsite for more than an hour depending on the work necessary to complete your pickup. Please understand that while some parcel delivery services may be able to park in certain areas outside your residence (i.e. blocking driveways, alleyways) our trucks may not legally be able to.

Q: Can you guarantee you will pick up all my items?
A: We are not able to make such a guarantee as we do have certain donation guidelines that govern what we can or cannot accept. Please refer to our guidelines located here to get a better idea on whether we can accept your items or not. However, please be aware that we empower all our drivers with a final discretion on any items that we can or cannot accept at the time of the pickup

Q: What condition do you need my donated items to be in?
A: We kindly ask that all items being donated be in new or gently used condition. This means that we will not be able to accept items that have stains, missing or broken parts, tears, or an excess of pet hair. If we accept items for donation that our customers would not historically buy, then we would be forced to send them into the waste stream. As a non-profit organization with limited resources, this process incurs a cost for us, impacting our ability to support the community.

Q: Are your teams able to go up flights of stairs?
A: No, our teams will not be able to navigate flights of stairs to retrieve your items. Please ensure that all donated goods are placed on ground level. If your residence is on a higher floor of a building, please ensure there is elevator access available. Our teams will be able to retrieve the items from your floor via the elevator.

Q: Will my pickup time always remain as I booked it?
A: In rare circumstances, we may be forced to change your pickup time and/or pickup date. These circumstances include staff injury, truck malfunction, or unsafe road conditions. If this does occur, we will do our best to reschedule your pickup to our soonest available time slot that works for you.