Electactic Portable Air Conditioner A5405CE

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Dimensions: 13.39" W x 11.81" D x 27.32" H 

Retail Price: $320

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3-in-1Functionality: Electactic air conditioner has high capacity in a compact size with fan, cooling and dehumidifying function. Also this air conditioner can auto defrosting function at low ambient temperatures. It can release fresh air and collect moisture, providing you with a healthy and comfortable environment.
Size Guide: The size of this air conditioner is 13.39(D)*11.81(W)*27.32(H) inch and the weight is 45 pounds. Electactic compact air conditioner is suitable for any corner and provides stable, fast and effective cooling for rooms up to 250 square feet. This air conditioner is suitable for the apartments, campers, offices, living rooms or bedroom.
Washable Air Filter: The air filter requires regular cleaning. The air filter is removable for easy cleaning. We highly recommend you clean the air filter every two week of operation to get the best performance. Regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure its conditioning efficiency and help prevent air quality problems. Do not operate the unit without an air filter, or the evaporator may be contaminated.
Eco-Friendly & Energy Saving: The Evaporative coolers of our portable ac features no Freon and harmful refrigerants, and do not use compressors like traditional air conditioners, it can save energy, reduce electricity charges, protect the environment and reduce pollution. It is very suitable for our low-carbon lifestyle.
Sleep Mode: Customer can choose sleep mode and set the timer before going to sleep. The output of our portable air conditioner with quiet 51dB in low-speed mode ensures no interference at night. And the sleep mode of our portable air conditioner allows you to be extra quiet during rest.


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