Ove Decors Enlight Smart Bidet Toilet Seat with Remote Control

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Size: Elongated 20"
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NOT a toilet. Seat cover ONLY

Condition: New/In Box/Great Condition


  • Elongated: 15.75 in. × 20 in. × 5.5 in.
  • Round: 15.75 in. × 18.9 in. × 5.6 in

Retail Price: $400

Our Price: $250

Elongated or Round bowl shape offering added comfort with adjustable heated soft-closing seat, and an ability to personalize your settings for the bidet, self-cleaning and water temperature among others
Back-and-forth bidet water massage with multi-jet function, and adjustable water pressure, water temperature, and dryer temperature
Comfortable heated seat, set to your preferred temperature, with antimicrobial coating, soothing toilet night light, and a soft close feature to avoid slamming
Ergonomic elongated toilet seat ensuring more comfort
Requires power outlet: 120 V / 1300 Watts, smart seat only (supply line not included)
Multi-function remote control included
Rear (single jet) and lady (multiple jets) bidet function with adjustable nozzle positions and back & forth nozzle massage
Adjustable bidet water temperature

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