"Samurai's Valor," Collectible Chokin Plate

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Condition: Vintage/Open Box/Great Condition * *Vintage Condition, Signs of wear consistent with age*

Dimensions: 6" Dia

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Celebrates the fierce spirit and noble traditions of the ancient Samurai warriors. This exquisite piece features a powerful depiction of Samurai in battle regalia, captured in stunning gold and silver metal engravings. Originating from the esteemed Japanese art of Chokin, which historically adorned the armament of Samurai, this plate is a window into the soul of the warrior. The art is set against a contrasting background, encircled by rich golden and brown hues that enhance its visual depth. Not only is this plate a majestic work of art, but it also serves as a cultural relic from the Land of the Rising Sun.

*Vintage Condition, Signs of wear consistent with age*

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